How to set UPI & Make Successful Payment On WhatsApp


Hello Everyone, UPI is now one of the most popular payment methods in India, But do you know how you can make UPI Payments right from your WhatsApp Account?, Yes, it’s possible and in this article, we will be going “Step by step process to make successful UPI payments on WhatsApp “. We will also be going to share all the processes, Steps, Does, and don’ts. So you can use WhatsApp UPI Payments as you want. Please make sure to read this article till the end, and don’t skip any part of it, Or you will not be successful in the setup of UPI Payments in WhatsApp.

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Creating an environment for Secure UPI Payments on WhatsApp

1 – Update to the Latest Version
First of all, you should update to the latest version of WhatsApp to see the UPI Payment option in the app. Also, don’t use any app which is not secure or downloaded from any official website.

2- Mobile Number Linked With Bank Account
Make sure you are using a registered Mobile number used for your bank account. You can always change to your preferred number if any problem occurs.

3 – Get Ready With Documents
If you are doing a UPI Payment setup for the first time it will always be good to keep your documents, ATM Card, and passbook handy, for any reference to the upcoming process.

UPI Payment Setup On WhatsApp

1 – Getting Started with Interface
First of all open the WhatsApp App, and click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner. Now select the Payments options.

2 – Start UPI Payment Setup
Now you will see a start setup option, Click on it and start the payment setup for UPI Payments in WhatsApp. Read all necessary terms and privacy policy hit agree and continue.

3 – Select Your Bank
After this you will be asked you select your bank, So select the bank you want to use for UPI Paymets on WhatsApp.

4 – Verify Your Number
In this step, WhatsApp will initiate automatic verification of your bank and start the setup.

5 – For First Time Users
If you are doing UPI Payment Setup for the first time, Then you will need to set up UPI payments for first-time configuration. So enter the ATM Card details and verify your card. After it Set a UPI code and move to the next step.

6 – Setup UPI / Last Configuration
Lastly, if you wish to change your UPI pin, you can do it. Or finish the setup.

Making UPI Payments On WhatsApp

1 – Chat and Pay
Now you don’t need to have any third-party app like Phonepe, or Paytm to make a UPI Payment and ask the receiver for a QR Code. If your receiver is also done with UPI Payment Setup on WhatsApp then you can easily share and pay them. Just click on the Rupee icon to pay directly to any contact you want.

2 – Transaction Notification & Confirmation
Once the Payment is made, You will get a notification from WhatsApp, also the receiver will get a notification of the payment on his chat/payment dashboard.

3 – Receiving Payments On WhatsApp
The payment process is a two-person process because it’s equally important to set up WhatsApp UPI on the receiver end. If the receiver is not associated with WhatsApp then it will be reflected on the payment app used by the users, Such as Phonepe, Paytm, and more.

Errors, Trouble Shooting, & Security Information

1 – Error Handling
If your bank server is down and it’s not reflected on WhatsApp, please wait before doing any transaction. If any transaction fails and money is debited it will be credited to the sender account.

2 – Trouble Shooting
If you are facing any problems making Payments using WhatsApp then please check for any latest updates, Refresh your device/ Network, and turn on Aeroplane mode for a few minutes. If the problem continues, Try contacting the support team for more results.

3 – Security & Guidelines
It’s very important to be secure and have all the related knowledge before using UPI on WhatsApp. At least you should know that the sender should scan the QR Code and enter the UPI pin, while the receiver only needs to show the QR code or proceed with UPI Payment using a mobile number.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have shared “How to successfully set up UPI Payments on WhatsApp”. We have shared step by step-by-step process to complete the setup for UPI on WhatsApp. You can also get information about some common errors, security, and troubleshooting on various problems. using this article you can easily set up UPI Payments on WhatsApp. Please read the article carefully and follow all the points shared in this article. If you get any difficulty, Problem, or error while doing UPI setup on WhatsApp. Share it with us. We will always try to solve your problem and provide the best possible solutions. That’s it for now, Please make sure to share this article with all your friends and family. We will be back with another article, Stay tuned…

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